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We are the Hotbed Collective.
We are making life better one orgasm at a time with our podcast The Hotbed, and our new book More Orgasms Please: Why Female Pleasure Matters. We also have a decent Instagram account. We are Anniki Sommerville, Lisa Williams and Cherry Healey.

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July 7, 2019

Listen to the first episode of our FIFTH series, in which Anniki Sommerville and Lisa Williams talk about Love Island confusion, what their favourite sex positions are at the moment, and Annik interviews Lisa Smosarski, Stylist magazine editor and they talk about sex,...

July 5, 2019

Read about how to give a woman an orgasm in this book by the Hotbed Collective. A brilliant DIY guide for women, it features chapters on fantasy, body confidence and the pelvic floor.

March 19, 2019

The Hotbed Collective is back for a fourth series! And our first new guest is the wonderful Clemmie Hooper, aka Mother of Daughters.

We interview her about the wonderful world of vulvas, body knowledge, post-birth recovery and how Clemmie herself manages to get her leg...

It’s Christmaaaaaas! Time to down tools, indulge in some festive cheer and enjoy focusing on those you love most. At best, Christmas brings out the optimist in us all: reminding us of everything we have to be thankful for and encouraging us to show loved ones how much...

What do you buy the awkward feminist in your life for Christmas? We want equal pay, respect for our life choices and full body autonomy. Those don’t look great wrapped up under the tree unfortunately so, in the meantime, try one of these…


Forget baubles, Christmas...

November 5, 2018

Take the Hotbed Collective survey on female orgasm to help us with our work on closing the orgasm gap


Until you’ve tried (and crucially, failed) it’s hard to imagine how trying for a baby could be anything other than a rollicking great time.

For many couples it’s simple. Shaggity shag shag and you’re up the duff. But for some, trying for a baby can turn into an unplea...

August 21, 2018

(Photo of Katie-Jane Wright)

The celebs are going wild for them, but can crystals really help improve the sex life of us mere mortals? Katie-Jane Wright is an intuitive healer who works with crystals and is owner of Crystal Muse. She spoke to Rachel Tompkins all about c...

August 10, 2018

The Hotbed has been named one of the best sex and relationship podcasts. It is a top 20 Apple Podcasts hit, and is co-hosted by Cherry Healey (Inside the Factory), Anniki Sommerville (Selfish Mother) and Lisa Williams (TantrumXYZ).

July 17, 2018

Trying for a baby can really take it out of your sex life. The thing is we're not designed to have sex at a specific time, on a specific date in a specific position. We're programmed to think great sex is spontaneous, but in reality in most long-term relationships this...

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About us

We are Anniki and Lisa, and we want to talk about sex. Sex after a 14-hour day of work and parenting. Sex rather than watching five hours of Breaking Bad. Sex after ten years of being in the same bed as each other. Sex when you're single but none of your friends are. We want to talk about sex without even mentioning penis straws. Like actual grown-up sex. Thank you. Please join in. It's not always easy to talk about it but it's much easier to talk about it together. #backinthesack. 

Contact the Hotbed Collective.

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