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My Hotbed Life with... Style Me Sunday

A regular feature where we talk to happening ladies and gents about their life, brand and sex...

'Style Me Sunday' is not only an incredibly stylish business woman with a gazillion Instagram followers, she is also honest, authentic and tells it like it is. She is also the only women we've met who can wear orange and not let orange wear her (as you can see in this pic). On top of this, she's the founder of the #WarriorWomanProject...a pretty cool individual we feel.

We asked her some questions about her life, her business, family and how sex fits into the equation.

So to kick off, can you tell us more about yourself and the 'Style Me Sunday' brand?

Well, I’m a 36 year old Mum of two girls. I work with amazing high street brands and help promote the clothes that I love and wear to my followers. I adore the fact that I’m a mum with a wobbly tummy and stretch marks, a size 12 with curves and I get to work with my favourite clothing brands every day. Not only do I promote fashion, but I also like to promote a strong body positive message. The thing is we come in all shapes and sizes and the beauty with the rise of bloggers is that women get to see clothes they want to buy on women who actually look like them.

I'm very passionate about helping women to feel comfortable in their own skin, and one of the ways I do this is by modelling clothes myself. I also share my own vulnerabilities online with my followers. I’ve got a daughter with a rare genetic condition called Brittle Cornea Syndrome, and so I talk about her losing her sight. I also talk about stress and how I suffer with alopecia.

By baring my soul with my followers I want to show that a) no one’s life is perfect despite what you see on Instagram and b) it’s ok to talk about your fears or your weaknesses and with sharing comes an incredible amount of strength.

That's very cool and you're right it's good for us to show our vulnerability... especially as it sometimes feels like everyone else has it sussed these days!

Now thinking about relationships, what is the biggest challenge when you become parents? How do things change and what can you do to adjust?

Well you get bogged down with the mundanity of life, like household chores, cooking and making sure the kids are ok. There is often not a lot of energy left in the tank for each other, but it's important to make time for one another without the kids (if you can) and remember what attracted you in the first place.

We recently did our #backinthesack survey and found that many parents aren't happy with their sex lives, why do you think that is?

Because they are so bloody tired and because they forget to save something back for their partner!

Yes that definitely came up...what kind of advice would you offer? (apart from more sleep)

Depends how old their kids are, it's unrealistic to think people with really small kids are going to be at it all the time. It's a phase and you have to ride (excuse the pun) the storm. Try and make time for each other. We have always had very strict bedtime routines, because we want to spend time together in the evening. Don't let the kids infiltrate your couple time.

Do you have any advice or personal stories you could offer up when it comes to keeping your sex life afloat after having children?

We make sure to book something in the diary at least once a month when the kids go to the grandparents and we go out for dinner, or just go and have a drink. We have just booked a long weekend in Ibiza just the two of us - that'll be fun.

Wow we're jealous. *Looks up 'cheap flights to Ibiza' on phone* So what gets you in the mood?

We sometimes watch porn together and that never fails to get us in the mood.

And if you don't mind us asking, what's your favourite position?

Missionary with legs over his shoulders.

Okay and what about your worst sexual experience?

I hardly remember losing my virginity it was truly unremarkable, and so was sex for the next 2 years with that person. Neither of us knew about the clitoris.

That feels quite common doesn't it. Why don't they educate more people about the clitoris?

Okay...finally just to wrap things up what advice would you give your own kids when it comes to sex and having a healthy relationship with sex?

I want to be has open as possible with them about sex, I want them to know and understand that sex is to be enjoyed and there's nothing dirty or shameful about it.

I have frank conversations with my children and have told them that they have control over their body I think it's important to discuss this at a very young age.

Thanks Lady. You're the best.

If you want to see more of 'Style Me Sunday' and how she rocks orange and just about everything, then follow her brilliant account on Instagram @stylemesunday and check out her website: www.stylemesunday.com

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