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My Hotbed Life with The Supercharged Club

'The Supercharged Club,' are Emma Fullwood and Mary Meadows. They are both inspiring women in their own right but founded The SCC because they noticed that regular diet, exercise and life coaching programmes were often hard to follow and time consuming. They are both mums and wanted to devise a system that was doable for busy women and FUN too.

Sex is obviously a big part of health and wellbeing (and good exercise if you can be arsed to move about a bit) so we wanted to quiz them about the whole saucy shebang and get their point of view on all things sexiness related.

We talked about the need to take action, stop putting sex off and the danger of splitting your willy (yes that's right splitting).

So can you tell us a bit more about 'The Supercharged Club' and what you've got planned?

We basically believe in mind and body power for busy women and we want to support and help women feel better in all aspects of their life. We help by supporting with simple, practical steps in terms of moving our bodies and minds towards a positive, supercharged life. Our clients call it ‘Life changing’.

At the moment we're like most mums and are busy juggling the summer holidays with our 2 boys, whilst running the 6 week online missions and planning for 2018!

What do you think is the biggest challenge when it comes to relationships once you become parents?

Communication. It’s just suddenly all about the baby, and immediate struggles and you're trying to work out how the hell you do everything that you've always done, but now you have to do that AND deal with a small person (who you also have to keep alive). No wonder we don't end up having conversations about anything other than the baby and the endless to-do list we haven't even touched...

We discovered in our recent Hotbed survey that many parents are unhappy with their sex lives - why do you think this is?

Tiredness, and more often than not resentment. Stresses and strains - and it's also just not something you often consider needs attention...until it becomes a problem for one or both of the parents.

It's so true isn't it! We often put sex right at the bottom of the list - somewhere next to 'get cat biscuits' and 'fix leak under the sink.' So what kind of advice would you offer parents or people generally?

Don’t make ‘waiting’ a habit. We wait for so much, for summer, for a holiday, for things to ‘get better’… Vhange doesn't happen without action. Even one little tiny action, makes a difference. Action doesn't have to be massive, any changes you make don't have to be huge, but there does need to be communication and action.

That's good advice. I think we often forget that we need to actually take steps towards change rather than just expect it to happen off the bat. Okay, slight change of subject but what's your fave position?

Neither of us have one, anything that makes us orgasm is just fine with us!

So that's easy enough. You're not fussy - ha ha! What about your worst sexual experience?

Emma split an old boyfriends willy…with her dry vagina.

Mary had a boyfriend who suffered with excessive sweating when having sex….dripping sweat on your partners face is NOT conducive to enjoyable sex.

No that's not very sexy- dripping sweat in your face. And the split willy thing, sounds...AWFUL! So what advice would you give to your kids in terms of having healthy relationships and a good sex life?

Respect sex, don't give it away easily, make sure you REALLY like the person and there is a mutual respect for each other. COMMUNICATE daily, have a conversation about how you are feeling, ask each other intelligent questions not just - ‘how was your day?’

That's great. thanks ladies - what's next?

Our workshop webinars have been super popular, so lots more of those planned! Or were you talking about sex?….if its sex, Mary needs a boyfriend, and Emma would like more reading time, with a nice cup of tea….

So there you go. Great advice from 'The Supercharged Club' and remember... change doesn't happen without action and try lube if you want to avoid splitting your partner's willy.

We can't actually believe this happened. Like really? Is this possible?

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