• Georgina Fuller

Why I'm Dreaming of 'Thinking Hotties'

(Photo source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-375176190

My mama used to say that you have to make love with your mind and, when it comes to men, I have always gone for brains rather than brawn. I can take or leave Tom Hardy or Channing Tatum but give me a brooding Cillian Murphy or a pensive Eddie Redmayne and I go weak at the knees.

The fact is, apart from a brief pre-teen crush on Michael Elphick in Boon and Sean Bean in Lady Chatterley’s Lover (‘Shall we go to the 'ut?” and ‘We both came off together that time. It's good when it's like that") I can only really fancy someone if they’ve got something going on inside their heads. Obviously, a woman has other things aside from her intellect that need stimulating but if you can’t connect with someone on a cerebral level and they don’t have anything interesting to say, why would you want to get jiggy with them?

I think they have to have a bit of depth and to have suffered some of the slings and arrows of life to be interesting. If I wanted a simple, happy go-lucky sort I’d get a Labrador. Small talk is all very well but you can do that with anyone. What people think and what goes on inside their cerebellum is what intrigues me.

Sharing thoughts, fears, hopes and embarrassing stories is what creates intimacy. And if they don’t have the vocabulary to articulate their thoughts properly, how do you know they have those thoughts in the first place?

My mum also used to say you have to go for a man that’s more intelligent than you, which, looking back is a dreadfully outdated view in this post-feminist world we’re currently living in. Most of the significant men in my life have been clever and thoughtful types though, from the banker who quoted Milan Kundera to the sensitive lawyer who studied philosophy and listened to The Cure.

Ultimately, we all know that sizzling hot passion can only really last for a finite amount of time so you have, in my view, got to love his mind as well as his manhood.

Top five thinking hotties

  1. Louis Theroux – the way he tackles everything from heroin addicts to sex traffickers with such sensitivity, candour and lack of judgement makes me swoon.

  2. Eddie Redmayne – did you know the gorgeous ginger and Theory of Everything star has a degree in history of art from Cambridge? I know, right!

  3. James Norton – another ginge Oxbridge grad. The delectable vicar from Grantchester has a degree in theology from Cambridge. All that smouldering, soul-searching and philosophizing – so damn hot!

  4. Adrian Grenier – not only does he possess the thigh-tingling combination of green eyes and dark hair, he is also a passionate environmentalist and campaigner. The Entourage box set was the highlight of my first maternity leave and I think he helped with the breastfeeding.

  5. Brian Cox – he doesn’t really do it for me tbh (I think scientists are a different breed) but he definitely falls under the ‘thinking hotty’ umbrella, doesn’t he.


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