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The Hotbed Podcast: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Hotbed podcast?

The Hotbed is the podcast brought to you by the Hotbed Collective. It is hosted by Cherry Healey, Anniki Sommerville and Lisa Williams and explores different aspects of sex, relationships and women’s health, as well as how these issues are talked about or shown in pop culture. We also review sex toys if you fancy trying something new, and have some idle chit-chat on topics such as chocolate milk and which one of Take That we each represent.

What topics does the Hotbed podcast cover?

Episodes have so far covered topics such as periods (period sex, period poverty and period politics), pregnancy (pregnancy sex, birth trauma and no-guilt pregnancy), sex on screen, and masturbation. We aim to make you laugh as well as offering a few different opinions on our topics, and some information. We also like to set ‘homework’, or exercises to do at home to help you open up about these issues with friends or a partner, or to work on your body confidence or ability to orgasm.

How can I advertise on the Hotbed podcast?

Previous sponsors have included Honour Your Flow, the Elvie, and the Geneveve. We like to share interesting products and services to our core audience of women aged 25-45. We can script and perform the ads using your brand values, and we also like to include a discount code for our listeners. Email us on thehotbedcollective@gmail.com if you would like to find out our rates.

How can I listen to the Hotbed podcast?

If you have an iPhone, you can listen to us via the Podcasts app (which should be on your phone already), here is the link to our show in iTunes. If you have an Android phone, you can listen to us via a free app such as Castbox or Acast. Link to us on Acast is here. If you find our show and like it, please subscribe so new episodes pop up in your feed automatically. And if you do like us, please review us in your podcast player, as this helps us reach new people.

What press have you had for the Hotbed?

We have been lucky enough to be featured as a top podcast about sex and relationships pick by Glamour, Grazia and Emerald Street. We have also written guest pieces for Red magazine, Stylist and the Daily Telegraph, among others. Bloggers who have written about us include Bell from Bow, Day in the Life Dad, The SJ Edit and Not So Smug Now. We were also reviewed by podcast critic Miranda Sawyer in the Observer newspaper. But the less said about that the better, as we worship Miranda and were a bit gutted she listened to our first and most clumsy episode...

How can I be a guest on the podcast, or get my book/app/event featured?

Please contact us via email thehotbedcollective@gmail.com and we’ll let you know!

How can I get to the Hotbed Collective’s live show?

We run live podcast recordings which are always pretty banging, as well as workshops and in-store events. The best way to find out about these is to follow us on Instagram @thehotbedcollective.com

Is your podcast scripted or improvised?

It is very, very much improvised.. We take turns to come up with a loose 'script' of talking points and questions, but otherwise we're like loose canons and rely on editing to make it sound even vaguely sophisticated. It is a lot of fun to record, especially when we do it in Cherry Healey's bedroom.

What do I do if I need more help on an issue you raise in the podcast?

For relationship and sex advice, we recommend you contact the charity Relate, or contact us and we can refer to a useful service.

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