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Can crystals really boost your sex life?

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The celebs are going wild for them, but can crystals really help improve the sex life of us mere mortals? Katie-Jane Wright is an intuitive healer who works with crystals and is owner of Crystal Muse. She spoke to Rachel Tompkins all about crystals, sex and how to they can play a part in intensifying sexual energy.

Worth a try right?

Q. How did you get into crystal healing?

I got into crystals through treating people with intuitive energy healing. At the end of the healing session I would always prescribe crystals for different energy centres. They would always ask where to get them from and although there are a lot of people who sell crystals, they’re not all doing it with the best interests at heart. It really does really matter where the crystals are from and how they’re mined, whether they’re ethically sourced and so on. So I decided to take the matter it into my own hands and set up my own company, Crystal Muse, a year ago. For my mail order company all crystals are ethically sourced and mined. I make sure I buy from a supplier that I trust. There are only two sources in England that I select from, and they come from all over the world. When I do buying trips to America I build up direct contacts with the owners of the mines.

I routinely cleanse all my stones; through sound visualisations and smudging. But I also recommend that you clean your stones when you get them as part of your ritual.

Q. There seem to be lots of celebrities using crystals at the moment. Is it just a passing fad?

I believe that Victoria Beckham always carries a huge pouch of crystals around with her, Kate Hudson is a big fan of crystals too. To be honest, it would be easier to name the people who don’t use them then those who do. It’s trend which is growing because of the lifestyles we all live. Everyone is super-stressed at work and looking for something to chill them out. So they’re turned to yoga, crystals and sound healings to try and balance their bodies and mind. So yes quickly gaining popularity, but it’s by no means a fad.

Q. So can crystals really spice up your sex life?

Very much so because they help your heart to connect with your sacral chakra where your sexual energy comes from.

Certain stones connect you with your Kundalini – your sexual energy or divine feminine side, which some people call your Shakti flow. This is represented by a snake coiled at your sacral. It’s about connecting with this serpent and un-chilling it, and bringing it up to your heart.

Crystals such as Serpentine or snake skin agate link you to that. Anything with spirals in it to, for example anemone fossil carved into a spiral like a unicorn shaped crystal. The spirals activate the energy flow in your base and sacral chakras by association with the shape, moving the energy down there.

Red and orange crystals specifically target the sacral chakra where your sexual energy comes from. Carnelian is the best stone to by – it re-energises you, it warms you up, gives you motivation and is known for awakening sexuality.

Q. What do you do with the crystals to help improve your sex life?

A. Before you use your crystals you should cleanse them, wash in water, or leave them out in the sun or moonlight to re-charge. Then, hold them close to your heart and ask what you want it to do, for example: I want to re-claim my sexual energy. This preprogrammes the crystal so it works for you. Then, you can put it on your bedside table or ideally buy two crystals and place one under your partner’s pillow and one under yours.

You need to trust that it is there and it will help, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your sex life.

Or if you’ve got more time and you’ve pre-planned sex, then you can place the Carnelian on your sacral chakra by your womb (so basically place it on your lower tummy) and lie there for a few minutes and breathe in it’s orange light or feel the energy from the crystal go into your womb and warm it up. It’s a firestone so it’s very activating and it can stimulate you too much, so you probably need to experiment and use it for a bit and then put it away for a bit.

If you’re using serpentine or snake skin agate, you could connect with then and link to the serpent visual in your sacral, centering yourself with your breath. On each inhale work on uncoiling the serpent and bringing it up through your lower chakras, closer to your heart.

Q. Is there anything else you can do to boost your sex life?

Kundalini energy is your sexual energy. Me and my friend joke that there’s a password to giving you great sex and it really does work for me. I’ve used it during sex before, and I basically say the word ‘Kundalini’ three times in my head. By intention of saying the word you bring all the energy down there and intensify things. I’ve experienced it and it’s amazing. But you have to be in the right place before doing it so you need to believe in the power of the crystal and if possible meditate first to invoke that kundalini energy, which is also known as serpent energy, because it’s like a coiled spring that rise up through you. To meditate and summon that kundalini energy you need to lay down and take three deep breaths. Start to visualise a coiled serpent. With each breath in pull it up through your body. Slowly bring it up through your chakras to your heart. Do that a few nights a week, it’s connecting you to a powerful energy centre.

Q. What if you’re a complete novice can it still work?

Yes, if you’re an open person it will work. If you’re sceptical its going to hold you back a bit. I do a lot of womb healing with women who use carnelian. It’s my number one stone for anything to do with the womb area as it’s the right energy to use to activate you.

Q. Where can you get crystals from?

From a reputable person, but you only need a little bit. It doesn’t matter the size of the stone. A huge crystal won’t give you a bigger orgasm. You can get a stone for a few pounds or a big piece for £7-12.

Sometimes combinations of crystals work well for certain things too. So if you’re having the sex to get pregnant put it with moonstone, or rose quartz which brings in love and acceptance and feeling worthy.

Q. Can crystals help overcome past sexual trauma or bad sexual experiences?

Yes definitely. When I work with people with who’ve had traumatic experience in the past or baby loss I always find their wombs are cold, hence all the warming fire crystals. That’s really important because trauma tends to make that area of our bodies shut off a bit, so the crystals can help the connection from the heart to womb be reactivated. If your heart is more aligned with your womb then you’re more connected.

Your womb is your second heart centre and women hold the emotion of not feeling worthy enough in their womb and that holds them back form not letting go and enjoying sex. They hold shame or pain from the past, so rose quarts and carnelian would be good for accepting the right love and feeling worthy.

You could have had a boyfriend who made you feel sh*t in bed seven years ago, and even though you’re separated you’ve held onto that feeling for years and never felt worthy or properly let go during sex since. The rose quartz helps you accept yourself and know that you can be happy and gain sexual gratification and pleasure again.

For more from Katie-Jane Wright- see her website - https://www.crystalmuse.co.uk/


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