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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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We are the Hotbed Collective.
We are making life better one orgasm at a time with our podcast The Hotbed, and our new book More Orgasms Please: Why Female Pleasure Matters. We also have a decent Instagram account. We are mainly Anniki Sommerville and Lisa Williams, but we are also sometimes Cherry Healey.

Us on Instagram:

April 9, 2018

The problem with couple’s retreats is that you have to go as a couple.

The concept is a noble one: take a couple away from their normal environment, give them two days when they don’t have to worry about washing pants or what to get in for dinner. Throw in some therapy...

November 28, 2017

Women have become the masters of faking it. 

We fake being comfortable in heels. 

We fake being demure when we want to be assertive.

We fake being a princess when we want to climb that tree. 

We fake being full when we actually want three courses. 

And we fake our orgasms. 


August 25, 2017

(Image; Berlin Nude by Helmut Newton)

I remember one specific moment last year, standing in the bedroom, in matching lacy lingerie, and hating my reflection. I was scowling and pinching the extra bits of skin and fat that somehow just 'appeared'. What happened to my boo...

I was unexpectedly thrown into the world of single Motherhood during pregnancy. My long term partner found the lure of his female colleague to be stronger than the lure of supporting me through my morning sickness and so he upped and left to enjoy a hedonistic affair w...

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About us

We are Anniki and Lisa, and we want to talk about sex. Sex after a 14-hour day of work and parenting. Sex rather than watching five hours of Breaking Bad. Sex after ten years of being in the same bed as each other. Sex when you're single but none of your friends are. We want to talk about sex without even mentioning penis straws. Like actual grown-up sex. Thank you. Please join in. It's not always easy to talk about it but it's much easier to talk about it together. #backinthesack. 

Contact the Hotbed Collective.

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